How Dumped Flyers Can Put Your Business Reputation at Stake

A quality marketing campaign is vital for every business owner. Planning and developing a promotional campaign involves investment of a lot of money and time. A number of businesses go for letterbox delivery in Canberra to target local businesses and households. But when you are hiring a letterbox distribution company, how can you be sure that your flyers or leaflets are reaching their intended destinations?

Dumping of flyers or leaflets is a great bane for businesses which outsource their flyer drops campaigns. Unscrupulous companies and individuals are increasingly following the malpractice of dumping flyers in disused areas, woodlands or bins. Leaving aside large cases of bulk flyer dumping, even the smallest dumping cases can take a toll on your business. Check out the dire consequences that dumped promotional materials can have on your business.

Wasted marketing expenses

Your business has to shell out some bucks for every promotional material that is printed. Dumped flyers or leaflets are tantamount to loss of money. You are not only paying for printing, but also for the design, devising the marketing campaign and other essential activities like developing websites and e-mailers to accompany the letterbox delivery campaign. Moreover, you are also paying the agency for distribution.

Loss of potential business opportunities

Although it might not seem very obvious, every leaflet or flyer that is dumped leads to a loss of potential business opportunity. You do not know for sure the number of houses or businesses who are currently looking forward to avail services that you offer. If your flyers were not dumped, they could have been delivered to these prospects at the proper time to draw their attention. But with dumping, you have unfortunately lost out on this sale.

Ruined business reputation

In case local visitors, residents or even businesses come across your leaflets being dumped in bushes or waste areas, or in the street or bins, it does have a grave impact on how your business is perceived. These people are not aware that this dumping is the task of the persons or agency you hired; all they can see in front of their eyes is the scattered litter. This can turn them off and drive them away from your brand or business permanently. This kind of loss of trust is really a great loss for your business.

Risk of legal action

In many areas, dumping materials by businesses is illegal. With dumping becoming more prevalent, local bodies are getting more active to take legal action. Since the flyers or leaflets have your business or brand name reflecting on them, the local body will automatically blame you and not the persons who have actually done this.

Now, the point is, how can this leaflet dumping be prevented? The first things you can do are conduct exhaustive research and hire a reputable partner for letterbox delivery in Canberra who can give you the guarantee of 100% delivery. Your job should be to find out a company or agency that offers GPS flyers campaign wherein you get proof of delivery for every distributed flyer. Also, get hold of testimonials from previous clients to understand how satisfied they were with the service.


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