4 Common Issues Faced During Flyer Distribution by Start-Ups

Ask anybody, and you will hear a big ‘NO, NO’ for junk mail. Many a times, the advertising emails land up in junk mail, or even if they manage to enter the inbox, are majorly deleted, unless they are exceptionally catchy (which is quite difficult, given the huge competition). It is true that people also do not like to receive junks in their letterboxes, but once you go for flyer drops and your flyer is catchy, it is bound to catch at least some attention. Your target market in households and offices will check the letterboxes regularly, so you can achieve substantial amount of success with advertising letterbox distribution in Canberra.

However, to ensure a fruitful flyer distribution campaign, you should be aware of the common issues that such promotional tool involves. Let’s find out.

  1. Poor Company representation in flyer design

In an attempt to go for mass flyer drops, many companies often poorly represent themselves in their flyers. This problem is common to start-up businesses, wherein the owners often lack adequate real world experience.

The flyer design naturally becomes quite confusing and aimless when there is no proper branding. The results become all the more disastrous when poor flyer design goes hand in hand with above par expectations.

  1. False expectations while calculating ROI

Starter business owners often fall a victim to false expectations. Most business owners are of the notion that they can expect a 5% response for a junk mail campaign and 10% from a campaign involving direct mail. But the point is that, these numbers are often far from being practical. Depending upon a number of factors, even the best campaign for advertising letterbox distribution in Canberra can end up with just 3 or 4 genuine responses generated out of 10,000 distributed flyers.

So, as you see, anything can happen! Actually the responses received depends a lot on the services, products, market conditions, demand in general, and a number of other parameters. Given this, in order to have a foolproof campaign you must have a convincing presentation and well as a streamlined distribution campaign, for which you can hire flyers drops professionals at cost-effective rates.

  1. Lack of proper message and call to action

If you do not have a convincing message or a powerful call to action, the entire campaign will be of no use. The most effective flyer has a straightforward message containing the following- the product or service you are dealing in, an attractive and relevant image that draws attention, the price of the service/product, and most importantly, contact details such as website to visit or phone number to call.

  1. Not going for attention driving flyers

Remember that your flyer must break through the marketing clutter before it gets the chance to convince your target market. In order to captivate attention you may try out some unconventional ideas such as creation of odd-shaped flyers (if you are selling ice-creams, your flyer can be shaped like an ice-cream), inclusion of promotional calendars, use of extreme color combinations, and so on.

Overcome these issues, and make your flyer distribution campaign stand out. For the most outstanding results, seek the assistance of an established provider of advertising letterbox distribution in Canberra.




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